Amy Winehouse in her early teens, taken from Amy My Daughter by Mitch Winehouse, published by HarperCollins ‘A thoughtful Amy, still in pink and with her heart symbol of course, at her school summer fete’

this makes me so sad

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Manuela González Velázquez, playing the piano by Zacarías González Velázquez, 1820 (detail)

Leonora Carrington 1917 - 2011
She died Wednesday, aged 94, in Mexico. I took these images in 2008, my last trip to Mexico and fell in love with her art immediately. I found them completely by chance, walking Avenida Federale, on my way to the Museo Nacional de Antropologia in Mexico City.
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A herd of sheep entering a new paddock

Bobby, 1984 with Carlos Santana

Ludwig Schwarzer - Der Planet, 1977

Hélio Oiticica, Tropicália, Penetrables PN 2 ‘Purity is a myth’ and PN 3 ‘Imagetical’, 1966-1967

Lou Reed
New York City. 1977

Photographer: Lynn Goldsmith

Detail - Flowering Almond in a Glass by Vincent Van Gogh